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Really liked the atmosphere you went for and the pixelated graphics really work putting the demonic presence together. Thank you for making this!

I think I'll drive next time I go anywhere. Had my feel of trains for a while. Very creepy game. 


The game confused me quite a bit, but still had fun!


Great game! Although i havent beat it- but i will be live streaming friday night and i will beat it on stream!

I played the game!! Thank you! I enjoy playing the game! So amazing!! Also, the second stage is too hardest. Lol.

I know Markiplier just featured your game and I nowhere near compare to him lmao but I had a lot of fun with your game and it was surprisingly challenging! Well done man! Its the second one in this video


how do you download?

There's a download link below the banner :)
alternatively : 

Shroudy.. This Train Cheated, lol Good Game!

Thomas has always kinda creeped me out but you took it to the next level. Loved the mechanics of the rail maze and really like the monster that Thomas becomes. Great job!
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This game has such a chaotic start, on point to the scares without any introduction or build-up. I really enjoyed the game overall! It really cracked me up otherwise x3

I really hope you can make more games in the future, this was a short but fun game.

Thanks for playing! This was definitely a mechanics and performance test for us getting a bit more serious with dev... so stay tuned >:]

We'll continue to make games we have fun with, we want to bring new stuff every time or we won't be happy with the game, and we want to blow your mind!

I don’t know what to say, I could not help but laugh when I saw Thomas fused with a giant Centipede flying through the sky at me. The game feels as cursed as the MeatCanyon cartoon, and I love it. The puzzle to get through the underground was easy enough, it really helped with how bright you made the goals.

Really fun, can’t wait to see what you do to other childhood icons.

Really good game !

THOMAS HAS  gone to Prison, and he`s Comin` to SHANK YA!!

Loved every moment, it was a BIT repetitive but other than that I loved the scares it gave me!

Love with style. This game is great !!

In all honesty, I wasn't able to beat the game and eventually admitted defeat, as I couldn't survive long enough to escape the underground train-tunnels no matter how many times I tried. I had a lot of fun nonetheless!

Childhood Ruined

The game was alright. It was kind of difficult, but once I paid attention to some certain things, then I was able to beat the game.

hi, big thx for the great game. i love it. greetings from rosti 🙏🤩😘

thanks for ruining my childhood

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the next one should ruin your adulthood :)

thanks for ruining my childhood


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Very good game! Also very difficult 🤕 lol. The scares and atmosphere was on point! 

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This was delightful. By which I mean horrifying. But delightful. Thanks for sharing it with us!


bro railed me literally


always wear protection

Hahaha, this game is so fast! A little difficult password random good game

There's some mechanics that aren't super obvious, pay attention to the input of the numbers ;)

This game is very creepy, ruined my childhood without a doubt -

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welcome to the traumadome

Creepy as HELL! The jumpscares are unexpected. Great game!

Playing 2 Horror games on including this one

Awesome and very fun survival horror game. 

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That was a great game 

Tried putting the code in but the numbers are stuck

rorrim eht ni kool ot evah uoy semitmos

(also updated the asset to be a little taller for hit detection, you gotta be a bit close but this should make it easier for input)

Generally, I am not a fan of "Thomas" or the format of horror behind him, although, this game did what most games are not able to do - being unique and addictive. 

The entire gameplay is simple, based on hiding and avoiding the train, yet, the addition of puzzles and interactions are just well placed. I liked the overall design and art style too. 

Some of the movements were a bit clumsy and I think having the sensitivity setting would help, but other than that, the game is brilliant. 

Looking forward to more from you. Great Job. 


Thanks @Niven!   Not going to lie, I'm in the same boat. The goal for this game was to have a somewhat limited but effective space that is (somewhat) procedural.

I didn't give too much thought into the player control tweaking so that's something I'll work on re-scripting as there's some features I didn't get to before the Christmas break.

Thanks for playing and your feedback! Always appreciated.

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