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Love with style. This game is great !!

In all honesty, I wasn't able to beat the game and eventually admitted defeat, as I couldn't survive long enough to escape the underground train-tunnels no matter how many times I tried. I had a lot of fun nonetheless!

Childhood Ruined

The game was alright. It was kind of difficult, but once I paid attention to some certain things, then I was able to beat the game.

hi, big thx for the great game. i love it. greetings from rosti 🙏🤩😘

thanks for ruining my childhood

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the next one should ruin your adulthood :)

thanks for ruining my childhood


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Very good game! Also very difficult 🤕 lol. The scares and atmosphere was on point! 

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This was delightful. By which I mean horrifying. But delightful. Thanks for sharing it with us!


bro railed me literally


always wear protection

Hahaha, this game is so fast! A little difficult password random good game

There's some mechanics that aren't super obvious, pay attention to the input of the numbers ;)

This game is very creepy, ruined my childhood without a doubt -

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welcome to the traumadome

Creepy as HELL! The jumpscares are unexpected. Great game!

Playing 2 Horror games on including this one

Awesome and very fun survival horror game. 

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That was a great game 

Tried putting the code in but the numbers are stuck

rorrim eht ni kool ot evah uoy semitmos

(also updated the asset to be a little taller for hit detection, you gotta be a bit close but this should make it easier for input)

Generally, I am not a fan of "Thomas" or the format of horror behind him, although, this game did what most games are not able to do - being unique and addictive. 

The entire gameplay is simple, based on hiding and avoiding the train, yet, the addition of puzzles and interactions are just well placed. I liked the overall design and art style too. 

Some of the movements were a bit clumsy and I think having the sensitivity setting would help, but other than that, the game is brilliant. 

Looking forward to more from you. Great Job. 


Thanks @Niven!   Not going to lie, I'm in the same boat. The goal for this game was to have a somewhat limited but effective space that is (somewhat) procedural.

I didn't give too much thought into the player control tweaking so that's something I'll work on re-scripting as there's some features I didn't get to before the Christmas break.

Thanks for playing and your feedback! Always appreciated.

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