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πŸ”² My 90-year-old grandma could play it 

βœ… Easy

πŸ”² Normal  

πŸ”² Hard

πŸ”² "Dark Souls"

- Accessibility -

πŸ”² Easy to figure out 

πŸ”² Takes some time to figure out

βœ… Hard to figure out

πŸ”² Very Unclear


πŸ”² "MS Paint"

πŸ”² Bad

πŸ”² Meh

πŸ”² Graphics don't matter in this game

πŸ”² Decent

πŸ”² Good

βœ… Beautiful

πŸ”² Masterpiece

- MUSIC && SFX - πŸ”² None

πŸ”² Bad

πŸ”² Not special

πŸ”² Good

βœ… Beautiful


πŸ”² This game has no story it's a β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ simulator/Shooter

πŸ”² Like playing "Temple Runners" for the story

βœ… It's there for the people who want it

πŸ”² Well written

πŸ”² Epic story  


βœ… Free

πŸ”² Underpriced

πŸ”² Perfect price

πŸ”² Could be cheaper

πŸ”² Overpriced

πŸ”² Complete waste of money


πŸ”² You can run it on a microwave

πŸ”² Average

βœ… High end

πŸ”² "NASA" computer


πŸ”² Super Short  (0-10 minutes)

πŸ”²Very short (0 - 1 hours)

(haven't played it fully)

βœ… Short (1 - 10 hours)

πŸ”² Average (10 - 30 hours)

πŸ”² Long (30 - 70 hours)

πŸ”² Extremely long (70 - 110 hours)

πŸ”² No ending

- FUN -

πŸ”² I'd rather watch paint dry

πŸ”² Hard to enjoy

πŸ”² Repetitive

βœ… Actually pretty scary

πŸ”² Ride of your life


πŸ”² It's a one-time experience

(haven't played it fully)

βœ… Only for achievements

πŸ”² If you wait a few months/years

πŸ”² Definitely (you can always go back and improve and is still enjoyable

πŸ”² Infinitely replayable

Special Thanks to BLUEY from Steam (Creator of the template)

- MARKETING - (How well your game page)

πŸ”²Very Weak (No photos/videos/Description/Story/External Links + Devlogs)

πŸ”²Weak ( No photos/videos/Story/External Links + Devlogs)

πŸ”²Good (No videos/ External Links + Devlogs)

βœ…Great (has all the above)

 Hey! I played your game on my stream! Watch it to see the live review!  Here's the link for it: πŸ˜„
Game Number: 2
Review Ended at: 1:20:40

  I would also appreciate if you could give an opinion on our latest game. Game devs advice is precious because we know better what it takes to make something work. It's called "Backdoor Shifts"

Thanks for the thorough review! Glad you enjoyed it.

We'll be sure to check out your game!! :)
Always love seeing other dev's games!

Wow that was Epic. 5/5

you will do a port of the game on android? It might be nice for people who don't have a PC!

We were going to - but the phone typing mechanic is just way too slow on phones and its hard to get it consistent. And it depends on what kind of phone you have as there's way too many options :P

Maybe you can try make gamepad work.... obviously for playing it you need a powerful phone (i think).

Btw for me there are no problems because i've got a good phone, I understand that is hard to port a game like this on mobile devices....

You will also need to create a function for type words on the computers.....

It will certainly be a difficult undertaking..... 

I hope you will succeed!


Whole budget went into quality, but it sucks lmao the 'monster' is sonic bahaa


error 404: budget not found

Seen your other games, also like this. I admit, this game is just as scary as the rest of your games.


>:] Thanks for playing!

Also, more to come! We're taking a quick break from horror to do some party game craziness, but back on the horror train next weekend! 

Alright, cool! Thanks for the info.

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Educational and spookily entertaining! This game should  be used to help kids learn to type!

Loved the game

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I Loved The Game!

I Really Liked The FNAF Inspiration Part, it was so fun to play!

Glad you had as much fun playing as we did dev'ing! :)

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But I just remember that this game is named sonic exe and can do whatever he wants. Maybe that's what the story about? Where he takes you to different realms and you try to defeat him in those realms with the rules that the realm provided? If this makes sense.  

Edit: Would realm even be the word to use? Maybe dimension would be the word? 

That's great that you're looking into this! There Is an underlying plot and we may expand some lore in some updates, but we're busy working on other projects! 

The game starts at this page ;)

Like there is a Baldi mode in this game, and then you play like a FNAF type game in the next one. It just seems to go all over the place. 

I feel like the story goes all over the place for some reason. 

Played this one. Idk what to say, it is pretty creative. 

good game! I uploaded a part 2 :D

more then likely going to make a part 2

This Game Made Me Hate Sonic

ok but its much harder with the popups at the words which cant be closed.

meaning you have to guess the words

Try finding another terminal! :)

hi, big thx for the crazy game. great job my friend. greetings from rosti πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ˜˜

i cri3d evrytiem I cickled email end at i never evn klearn!!111111

Great game but ngl hard mode is way too easy. Beat every part pretty much first try.

Really enjoyable, and unique horror experience! Felt very manageable, although hard, even without the easy mode. Feel like I missed some mechanics in the FNAF section but managed to beat the game and had a lot of fun! Great work, can't wait to see your other work! 

Ngl it was a fun game and hard mode was pretty easy so it's a thumbs up for me

That took forever, but I managed to complete hard mode, so many deaths, so much Sonic. You are some cruel, cruel people, I can’t believe the hardest moment was trying to find the door. How many deaths that alone caused. I have also now experienced death by Hippo. 

Watching Sonic go out of control as he becomes God was hilarious, I first thought he had multiplied and was swarming me.

The hardest part was the school, I died 80+ times, though only died once to FNAF. Overall, difficult but rewarding, took about as long as my first playthrough. 

Really good job, I thoroughly loved both difficulties, I can’t wait to see what you create next!

My video on the game : 

Great game! Havent beaten it yet. I will beat it

If you need a hint during the school section, press enter/return to see the settings screen for a hint!

Or check out some cool playthroughs,  I've seen some people fly through it while some find normal mode challenging.   
If you just want to enjoy the story, easy mode will give you the same ending as normal mode :)  hard mode sus

I'm not ready for hard mode, i have no idea when i can beat that o_o

it's no joke!

Excellent Game Shroudy! 

I got a curious question. For the Chili Dog house level, what does shocking do?

It shocks the staff back to their original position, or if they're stationary it'll wake them up!

NOTE: Dental and medical benefits are not included with our staff package.

I already figured it out. Thanks!

I unlocked all of the root access on all of the computers and nothing happened

are you sure you got them all? ;)


That's amazing! I've seen some YouTubers playing this game and i really want to play it, is it going to be available for Android? 


Ha. Good point,  originally we designed this for all platforms, but unfortunately due to the typing mechanic, we'd need to overhaul a majority of the game for mobile.

We're floating around the idea of a sequel though, and we'll keep that in mind!


You did well on this game, well done! Take your time to bring the game to the rest of the platforms


Well... This game can show the information about motherboard and GPU in your PC... Wow, great feature! It really surprised me! XDDD


This is so spooky lmao.


But I got a question. How can I make the game less laggy for me?


Good question - hit the enter / return key, in game to go to settings -> set the graphics down from "Ultra Sonic" , and see what works for you!

Alternatively, see the comments below for a web version if your computer has very low specs as the web version may run better

Alright. Thanks! Now I can play better!


how do you play this game on chrombook(linux)? I download the file just fine. but then i'm confused


I'm like 99% sure this won't run on a chromebook due to the processing / gpu you'll need.   I have an old Chrome book running Kali I can give this a go on tonight.

So you should extract the .zip file somewhere in your hard drive, and then run the file Executable Education.x86_64 inside the folder Executable Education Linux

This will only work on 64bit linux machines!  


@queen_Spinel I'll see if I can web host a version for you so you can play via browser :)

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Here's a web version of Executable Education you can play on your Chromebook ;)

The super secret password key is:

Disclaimer: Untested


@shroudy software 

Thank you, it is a bit laggy but, you did say it was untested lol. But I am very grateful you found a way to allow me to play your game. I can't wait to experience it!


did you know that a populour youtube played your game?


Checked it out! We're having a blast developing! Stay tuned for more as we can't stop D:


im a big fan of him to!


One of the BEST sonic.exe games ever


Means a lot! We got an idea to inject into this to pump it up even more but we're work shopping it right now :)


i will play this game but one note. does this game have high graphics?


You can change your graphics settings with the settings menu by using the Settings option in the main menu, or hitting Enter/Return during gameplay :)


(But default setting is ULTRA)

Deleted 57 days ago
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Glad you enjoyed it!  Thank you for keeping your hands and feet inside the wild rideat all times :)


That was amazing, I was not expecting to find this level of game on, it feels like it is deserving of a full release. It took me three hours of my life to complete the game, through multiple breaks and pain I have fully completed it.

My hatred for Sonic burns ever brighter, though the joy I felt when I finally completed the game was amazing. You managed to make all three parts of the game unique, and easily stand out as the best parts of their inspiration.


Thanks for playing!  We wanted to surprise people with the depth of this game at a surface level ("oh.. its just typing?") >:]

It sounds like you hit all the notes we were hoping for, and we're glad all those sleepless nights achieved that! :)


I had a blast playing it!!  I'm not too good at horror games. But, I really enjoyed the game and the thought put into it! I can't wait to see more of your games ^^ 


Sonic.exe continues to be the bane of my existence.

(2 edits) (+1)

Thanks for playing!  From taking notes from this video I've:
Adjusted the physics collider on the player (take that stickiness!)
Added an "Easy Mode" (office stage only - I'll make it a full easy mode when I have the time this arvo)  Nvm, all done!

Update will be up in about 10 minutes. 

Edit: I noticed the frame rate / perf was a bit off during the video, also try adjusting the graphics settings in the settings (enter/return key)


Welcome to easy mode!

(AI has also been tweaked to be easier and make less human choices in this mode)


You know what's funny about this is that another developer made an easy mode for a game for me earlier today. I must need more practice!


Procedural difficulty was tested, but it was hard to QA so we removed the feature. Given another week of testing we would have it in but decided it wasn't worth it :)

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Absolutely wacky game you've made here... Bravo! Please check out my full blind playthrough (NO COMMENTARY)!


Glad you enjoyed the full experience

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